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Complicating later life: People don't always appreciate that marriage is not just an occasion to dress up and have a party, but a legal contract that automatically changes all existing financial arrangements But although she calls her partner, Egyptian academic Guido Castro, a 'wonderful, adorable, sweet, lovely man' and agrees that she is 'bloody lucky' to have found true love again, she has come out and said she will never marry him - or indeed, anybody else. And although marriage is sharply on the rise for the over-65s, according to the latest figures from the Office of National Statistics, I'm certain it's not for me.They work at their computers, thinking they're a "money transfer agent" or a "payment processing agent" for a legitimate business, but in fact they're moving stolen money abroad and unwittingly disguising its true origins.

DUBLIN-BASED MALE, EARLY 70s, seeks active female at least 5ft 6in in height, who wants to learn ballroom dancing to a very high level. But lessons, practice and social dancing would be involved. REPLY TO BOX NUMBER F1 MATURE CO WICKLOW LADY WLTM nice gent to share this coming summer. REPLY TO BOX F2 CO MEATH, KIND, SINCERE, ACTIVE, slim outgoing lady, 62, NS, SD, good appearance, enjoys current affairs, reading, walking/hiking, golf, travelling, theatre, concerts, dining out etc., WLTM sincere, NS gentleman of similar age and interests for friendship/relationship.

Even if I were to hitch up with my current admirer, how much time, realistically, would we have together?

Browse through our directory of UK women who are looking for a fucky buddy. No strings attached, no registration needed, no need to tell your wife, girlfriend or mistress.

But we've got 60-plus minutes of derailed goodness nonetheless! ) is joined by regulars Sam Claiborn and Scott Bromley, with Brian Altano and "the other Brian" Brian Miggles. Any cool packages of swag should be delivered C/O Craig Harris.

We talk everything from NBA Jam to NHL Slapshot, Zelda's timeline, and reminisce about Babbage's and Funco Land. Our San Francisco mailing address is on our corporate website.

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