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Home Appliances Articles Books Events Services challenge/response disposable email managed anti-spam Software client-based server-based miscellaneous Harvester Killer Network Tools Open Relay Test Humor Spam News Submissions Links Contact Us Such services use solutions that are installed and hosted on the anti-spam vendor's network.Your incoming emails are filtered by the vendor before reaching your own network. As email marketers we definitely want to avoid sending spam and putting our emails at risk of being mislabeled as spam.One of the ways that keep email marketers honest about using 100% opt-in email lists are the use of spam traps.This approach frees up your internet bandwidth and prevents internet and email borne threats from reaching your network, your servers, desktops, or inboxes. [email protected] antispam is a managed antispam service geared towards service providers and companies who have their own dedicated mail servers.

They may blacklist your domain and not just the Contactology IP’s that send your email campaigns when using our system.

For both internal and external SMTP relay scenarios the Frontend Transport service will be handling the connections.

So whether you've deployed multi-role or CAS-only servers we'll only be referring to the Client Access server role from now.

A very common scenario for Exchange Server 2013 administrators is the need to allow applications and devices on the network to use the Exchange server as an SMTP service.

There are generally two specific business requirements: In this article I will demonstrate how to meet both of those requirements in Exchange Server 2013.

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The Client Access server role hosts the Frontend Transport service, which provides filtering of email traffic (eg antispam agents), and routing of email between the internal Exchange servers and the outside world The Mailbox server role hosts two additional services: Get-Service | Where Display Name -like "*Transport*" | Select Display Name Display Name ----------- Microsoft Exchange Frontend Transport Microsoft Exchange Mailbox Transport Delivery Microsoft Exchange Mailbox Transport Submission Microsoft Exchange Transport Microsoft Exchange Transport Log Search No matter whether the server is multi-role or only installed with the Client Access server role, the Frontend Transport service is the only service already listening on TCP port 25 (SMTP).

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