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Surprisingly, the duo appeared to survive the romantic break-up with a very strong second album, 2009’s is a great EP trapped inside very sad LP. Whereas Adele, Amy Winehouse and Beck turned heartbreak into beautiful, universal songs about relationships, the lyrics in Hansard’s songs are so specific, they only appear to be about “that” relationship.On “You Will Become,” with Irglova backing him up (or backing away) on vocals, Hansard sings It’s a quaint, modest start.This scene may be about Theo’s ex-wife for the most part, but the pair’s openness (again, this whole film could be viewed as one long affair) is what makes this so intimate. It’s a tie between Samantha writing Theodore a song, and the way he lets Samantha’s camera peep out of his pocket so she can appreciate the view. To use this website, cookies must be enabled in your browser.For Muna, Marketa wrote an ethereal 11 songs over the course of a year and recorded it in Iceland (where Marketa now resides with her new baby girl) within six months with producer/engineer Sturla Mio Thorisson at the helm.“I had been to Iceland for the first time with the Swell Season,” Marketa says.Muna, Marketa Irglova's second solo album is available now via Anti-.Marketa and Glen Hansard, who together are The Swell Season, both starred and performed their music in the treasured film Once, for which they won an Academy Award for the song “Falling Slowly.” The film, and their music, have since been translated to Once the Musical where it went on to win 8 Tony Awards and is currently still running both on Broadway and touring the world.

But the Frames have never made a significant commercial breakthrough.

Hansard is the co-star of Once, a shoe-string budget feature (made for under £100,000) about an Irish busker and his platonic relationship with a Czech immigrant, played by 19-year-old Marketa Irglova.

From extremely humble beginnings ("We never even thought it was going to get released, we just thought we might sell some DVDs after gigs"), it went on to win an award at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival and become one of the art-house hits of the year, grossing million in its first three months.

This 2016 indie film logs in for the long haul with mixed results....

Marius, Fanny, and César offer a detailed portrait of the interlocking lives of a small cast of cha...

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Keith is a music correspondent for POPDOSE and an advocate on women's empowerment, gender identity and gender liberation issues. I left the venue soaked to the bone and was convinced I had caught the next “biggest band on Earth” moments before their ascension.

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  1. But don't expect your favorite source of exploding Mentos videos to disappear: just like with Orkut, the Brazilian court's going to have a hard time enforcing this order, since You Tube is based in the US, and generally subject to its laws and courts (except for local products in some cases).