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Family members can also get their own AKO account in order to instant message a soldier in Iraq. Quite a few soldiers also bring their personal laptops to Iraq.

Because of the heat and dusty conditions in Iraq, a semi-rugged laptop is more reliable during longer deployments.

For more information on sending a package to Iraq or Afghanistan, see How To Ship a Package to Iraq or Afghanistan and US Postal Service APO Shipping FAQ.

You simply need to know the soldier's AKO (Army Knowledge Online) email address that ends in @mil to send email. bases in Iraq, some free while others charge a small fee for higher connection speeds.

I think I would get some good training," said Dickmyer, a patrolman with Lower Windsor Township.

"And then the towers were hit and next thing you know everybody's life changed, including mine."Dickmyer credits his experience as a Military Police officer, and a deployment to Iraq in 2003, as a benefit to his career now in York County.

Those skills served Shawn well as a Humvee gunner responsible for protecting his fellow soldiers.

But during Shawn’s second deployment to Iraq in 2007, a roadside bomb exploded into his armored Humvee as it patrolled in Baghdad.

The pain of this loss has never dissipated — but it has been channeled into a commitment to bringing justice to those responsible.

There are a number of ways to stay in contact with a deployed soldier overseas.

Some methods that utilize the Internet are non-secure from a security standpoint and so may not be allowed at a particular location in Iraq.

Both Shawn and a fellow soldier died in the attack.

Coping with Shawn’s death has been very difficult, and was made only more so as we learned more about the circumstances surrounding the attack.

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His training and experience in a combat zone, he says, help him with the high pressures of police work.

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