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She added: “I am trying to make the person the focus.“I tried online agencies such as Match, Harmony and they are good but it’s hard to know if the chemistry is there, so the idea is that people come along and meet others in person.” The crowdfunding campaign runs for a month and in return for pledging cash, supporters are offered rewards including subscriptions of from one to 12 months to Unified Dating.They will settle you in by briefly explaining the format of the evening and confirm how many people you will be dating at the Speed Dating in Oxford.What happens at a Speed Dating in Oxford event At a Speed Dating in Oxford event, you will have four minutes to chat to each date, Four minutes is long enough to see if you click with the person you are talking to and whether you would like to see them again.Do you want to drive change in the world, but are unsure how to move your idea forward? Please register for the event on: Triteq, a leading product design consultancy, the Oxford Trust and Oxford Hackspace, an inventors’ and makers’ community that builds prototypes, are teaming up to bring you a product mentorship event as part of the Marmalade Festival. Designed like a rotating “speed-dating” event to give idea originators face time with designers, prototype creators, and business mentors, the goal of the event is to help all those start-ups, entrepreneurs and individuals who seek to make the world a better place with a product.Come along to have a chat about your idea, get input into the design process, talk about materials available, prototyping, and small-run options locally, discuss business planning, bounce some ideas off engineers, and generally be pointed in the right direction on all aspects of the product-to-market process.Others are afternoon tea or dinner with Ms Umar and other campaign backers at the Ashmolean, Tate Modern and Ritz Hotel.

This event may fill up fast, but pre-booking is also available so you don’t miss your chance at a consultation.Her authors have won or been shortlisted for the International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award, the Goldsmiths Prize, the Guardian First Book Award, the London Book Award and the Costa Book Awards First Novel Award, amongst others.How Speed Dating in Oxford works When you arrive at the speed dating venue for Speed Dating in Oxford, you will be greeted by our friendly professional hosts.Tours of the facility would be run at and at 9pm, lasting about 30 minutes.If you are considering publication in the coming year, come along to an evening of speed dating with Oxford Writers' House!

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