Updating an older darker house

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After repeatedly scrubbing the heck out of it, I knew that it was actually very (very, very) clean…

In most design magazines these days you see beautiful white shiny trim, doors, and molding. And I’m not about to change it what I love most about my house. I love the fact that those people loved this trim as much as we do and am thankful it’s not painted.

It’s pretty much the standard for crown, baseboard, windows, and the like. While we’re not sure what month, that makes our abode almost 114 years old. Original wood trim, let alone in this condition is hard to find in old houses.

And I would find it hard to live with the heavy Brunswick greens and dark maroons that were popular in Victorian times.

Or, as we uncovered personally while slowly taking apart the layers of our Crap Shack, that not-so-appetising guacamole-green-brown that was popular in the 1970s. Warm light grey paint adds to the timeless appeal of this Palmyra cottage. So after a few House Nerds emailed me to ask if I could do a story with tips for choosing MODERN paint colours that suit older homes, I thought I would do exactly that.

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